I get asked a lot why we called our space Ko Kollective.

Naming a business, I’m not going to lie is super hard, but we knew for a few months before we officially took over that we were going to buy the business.

We knew that we wanted to create an atmosphere for Toowoomba business owners that they can be proud to call their ” office ” home, we knew that having a Boardroom, Meeting Room and an event room was important to have and tried to make sure the name we chose fitted what we were trying to do.

So we set out ( husband and I ) and came up with a name, it wasn’t easy and took a few weeks, but we finally agreed on a name. That name was Co Collective. So for about 3 months that was what we called it, we wrote it down on everything and when we officially took over the business it was still going to be called that.

So what happened? Well silly us didn’t actually check to make sure that name wasn’t already registered other then checking Facebook and Instagram and it just so happen to be another Australian business in Perth. Cue the water works.

So I thought why not still use that name but put a personal spin on it. Our last name starts with a K. So I thought if the Kardashians can put their name over everything, then so can I….. Ok sort of kidding but we both loved the idea and so Ko Kollective was created and yes I still have to actually spell every single letter out on the phone as people just don’t get the spelling. Ahhhhhhh but we will get there and its a great conversational starter for most of the people we meet.

So that is how Ko Kollective was born.