Have you ever searched for your Business on Google before? What did you see? Were you at the top of the list? The middle? Or perhaps you weren’t even on the first page? Don’t worry; it happens to a lot of businesses. But what if I told you that there were a few simple ways to boost your online position and be at the top of every Google search in your industry? Well today my friends you’re in luck. I want to share with you a few ways to boost your SEO and how a Virtual Office can help you and your business. Let’s get started.

You Need A Website!

I am not kidding, every business needs to have a website, whether you’re big or small. How do you expect to be found otherwise? Magic fairy dust?? nope doesn’t exist.

Even if you’re not technically equipped, pay someone to do it. In the end the expense will pay for itself. Or why not try to work it out for yourself? WordPress is free to use, or if you need something a little easier head on over to Squarespace as they have premade templates for a small fee per month. Not having a website means you don’t get found online, your competition is going to get your customers and you’re missing out on a massive piece of Real Estate in your business. The Online World.

You Need To Use Social Media!

Yep, that means Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Snapchat etc Now please don’t think you have to use all of them! I certainly don’t. Instead pick 2. Pick 2 that will best represent your business the best. If you’re an interior designing for homes, Instagram most certainly will work best as its more visual and Facebook will also work to go into more detail etc But if you’re a plumber, Instagram may not work but Facebook will.

Every business is different so be sure to pick 1 or 2 that best suits your clients and do them 100% before trying to do everything else.

You Need A Legitimate Business Address!

This is where we come in. A Virtual Address does two things for your business.

  1. It gives you a better chance of being seen. If someone is searching for you on Google and 10 other people are also in your industry, you’re all going to show up right? So if you’re industry allows you to work from home as in a trade or services based business etc to actually be found in Toowoomba you would need to put your home address, BUT if you used our address for all Marketing and Business purposes your business would and should show up first in the searches.
  2. It gives you street cred! Think about it, if you’re searching for someone and you look at their location and its this old yucky house or worse the business doesn’t even have an address, are you going to work with them? or are you going to choose the business that has a legitimate address and has the images on Google to prove it?

There are so many other reasons why a Virtual Office will work for any type of business out there! You can also have your Meetings in our space, no longer will you have to go to a coffee shop where you get no privacy at all, no longer pay for parking and find a park right outside the door! For more info head to our Virtual Office page.


The biggest thing you can do is your SEO on your website. Without having good SEO practices you can kiss your online dreams Goodbye!

So what is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Is in basic terms your keywords that you use on your website. But it is also a lot more than that too.

Yes you need to have the correct keywords on each page for example if you’re a plumber in Toowoomba. You need to use the keywords “Toowoomba Plumber or Plumber Toowoomba” on your pages and titles. Think of it as the things you would normally search for in Google. If you’re needing a plumber, you would search for
” Toowoomba Plumber ” in Google.

SEO is not only keywords, but also your Images need to be correctly named. You need to be on Google console, use a simple plugin like Yoast to give your pages the correct titles and snippets it needs to help you get on the 1st page of Google and stay there.

Honestly, a lot goes into running an online business or any business. You need to always be updating your site and pages, adding new images and blogs. The list in endless, but when it’s done right, the world is your oyster.

We have so many amazing Marketing Businesses in Toowoomba. If you need help in finding one feel free to reach out.