Expand your business in Toowoomba

A PO Box is one way to hide the fact that you work from home, but honestly, it’s not a very good disguise. With a business address at Ko Kollective, you can proudly share your location and know that it is helping to instill confidence in you and your business. It also helps you get noticed on Google! Win, Win!


We get it, Virtual Offices are super new to Toowoomba so have a read below to see if we can answer any questions you might have. Otherwise please reach out.



We understand circumstances can change, thats why you’re not locked into a contract. All you have to do is let us know you’d like to leave before your next billing cycle. Simple.


By adding our address to your website it gives the search engines ( Google ) access to find you and suggest your business when a potential client is searching for you.


If you need a reason to use our Virtual Office options, this is it. Google need a physical address for your business before it starts to show up in searches on Google, using our address gives you a better chance to be located in Toowoomba and surrounding areas.


We’ve added an extra edge for your business and when needed you get access to our Meeting Rooms. To book is super easy and you also get a 10% discount, free tea/coffee and parking for you and your guests.


Once you submit your application, within a few short hours you will be ready to go. We send you everything you need to help you set up your new address with Google and we give you reminders on all other areas of your Marketing. We’re there with you every step of the way.


For certain packages your business will have its very own mailbox. You get alerted when you’ve received mail and have the option for us to scan it to you, saving you even more time in your business.

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